Pope John Paul II Assembly 2900
Pickerington, Ohio




Charter Members


In early January 2005, the Knights of Columbus in Columbus Diocese investigated if there was enough interest to develop a new Assembly.  The eastside of Columbus was a logical choice.  The Columbus Fr. Huber Assembly 809 would once again be the Assembly that would give birth to yet another Columbus Assembly.


With the parishes of St. Pius X Council 5253 and St. Elizabeth Ann Seton Council 11187as the initial draw, the following 63 members transferred and on May 2, 2005, Pope John Paul II Assembly received it's number as the 2900th  4th Degree Assembly of the Knights of Columbus.


On June 4th, 2005 the Assembly will install the Officers and the Charter paperwork completed.  Service to the Diocese, Community, State and Country will commence.


Shawn C. Ansbro

Leonard M. Fatica

Stephen J. McClellan*

Richard H. Arnett

Neil Ferguson

John Morrison

Fred Barwick*

Jesus V. Garcia III*

Richard W. Patterson

Brett W. Baxter

Peter M. George

Richard Petersen

John F. Beyer

Charles A. Giametta*

John M. Pizzuto

James L Boblett Jr.

Dr. Bogomir  Glavan

Hector Raymond

Allen R. Boehm

John Grady

Terrence Reine*

Mark Borys*

John A. Hamilton

Russell Ridgeway

Timothy J. Bowie 3rd

Timothy E. Hickey

Joseph J. Rossi Sr.*

Walter Lee Brock*

C. W. Higdon*

William C. Saling

Edward J. Chinnock

Bernard C. Holland Jr.

John R. Samborsky

Patrick J. Cleary III

Dr. Francis E. Joos*

Francis Sanderell

Harold E. Clyburn

Timothy Kujawa

James S. Sandhofer

Joseph A. Coffey

Anthony Long*

Ronald Schubert

Ray Creamer

Larry H. Lotz

Michael A. Sergio Jr.

Michael C. Croyle

Gregory Lowe

Norbert L. Smithberger

Anthony DelMatto

Jerry J. Lowery*

Lloyd C. Stauffer

Robert E. Doherty

Jerry J. Lowery II

James W. Thesing Jr.

Joseph Drignat

Stephen Malott

John Trainer

Eugene A. Ebert

Richard Humphries

Fran Vendetta

Juan J. Esparza

Larry A. Markaverich

Paul J. Yarger





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